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This is beautiful relief Chakra Sambhara thangka handmade in Nepal.

Size:26/20 cm

Weight: 4 kg after packing.


In the central panel, the deity chakrasamvara is deep blue in color and has four faces. The front face is painted blue black, his right face yellow, the left green, and the rear red. He is in ecstatic union with his consort Vajravarahi. His front hands embrace his consort with his hands holding a vajra and a bell. His right hands hold a elephant skin, Damaru, an axe, a kartri, and a trident. His left hands hold again an elephant skin, a severed head of Brahma, a lasso, a kapala and khatvang staff. With his back he is lifting the freshly flayed skin of an elephant. He wears a crown of skulls and a garland of fifty freshly head. He also wears a tiger skin loincloth. His front face gazes at his consort with three eyes. His consort Vajravarahi is brighter red in colour. His hair is black. She wears bracelets and ankelts as well as ornaments in her girdle. His right arm is thrown upward holding a Kartri and he left arms circled tightly around Samvara’s neck: he face is upturned. Under her feet are two of the Samvara’s emanations namely, the red four-armed Kalaratri and the blue four-armed Bhairava.

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