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This is a set of beautiful Tibetan Handmade White Tara Thangka Buddhist Painting. It is handmade in Nepal by local lama artist. This thangka comes with a Brocade. 


Symbolic Meaning of  White Tara Buddha


Tara is the female deity of the Buddhist Pantheon. White Tara was born from a tear of the Bodhisattva of compassion Avalokiteshvara. She holds a very prominent position in Tibet and Nepal. Tara is believed to protect the human beings while they are crossing the ocean of existence.

Among the two forms of Tara, White Tara is regarded as consort of Avalokiteshvara, some times of Vairochana. She is portrayed usually seated, dressed and crowned like a Bodhisattvas. And sometimes she is regarded as Saptalochana or seven eyes Tara. Extra eyes on her forehead, palm and feet and lotus flower at one or both of her shoulder. She is seated in full Vajra Posture. Her right hand will be in boon conferring posture, her left hand in teaching gesture holding the stem of the lotus. She is wearing all sorts of precious ornaments and looks beautiful. The practice of White Tara is basically performed in to prolong life as well as for healing purpose.

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