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It is said that shakyamuni Buddha tool the for of Vajradhara while he was teaching the trantric path to his gifted disciples, Buddha Vajradhara is depicted holding a vajra in his right hand and a bell in his left hand. He is usually depicted as a deep blue color indicating the prfound adn boundless nature of his buddha bodhicitta his two hands are embracing mudra to show that he has mastered the union of method and wisdom path leading to the perfect englightement fo budhahood. He is seated on a Vajrasana ina moon discon a lotus throne. Brajra dhara is also depicted sometimes in father mother form. his arm are corsed at the back of his consort who is non other thatn Prajanaparmita in defined form. Vajradhara's Consort, who possesses the same enlightened attributes as himself.  

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