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The kalachakra tantra is classified as a mother tantra of anuttaryoga tantra. The trantra is presented in five chapters and it discusses the threekalachakra : External kalachakra, internal kalachakra and Alternative kalachakra.
External kalachakra; it is an external cosmos. The universe and beings within. In discusses the inter dependence of the universe and its dependence on the paternal cosmos. Environmental awareness which is now slowly beings understood was its fact a pat of this ancient wisdom. Our inter dependence stretcher throughout all space and throughout all time. Because of this inter dependences. The suffering of others is our own suffering. Suffering we are ordinarily only able to see and feel for brief moments. when others is also our own is painful. So deepest of our sufferings. This is what the young siddharth the Buddha to be , learned when he stepped out of his glittering protected place, the cosmology and astrology of the Tibetan Buddhism are also derived from this tant

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